Dawn Wood's

solo atlantic challenge 2019

DAY 4 (18)

Wet through

28th January
Today should be my last day in the slow lane, it has started very dark and ominous!! The sky is thick with black cloud and just as I am getting ready to sit down to row, there is a flash of lightning shortly followed by the biggest clap of thunder you have ever heard crashing through the sky.

With no buildings or obstructions in its way the thunder seems to roll from far away on my left, across the front of me then off to the right and into the distance.

I watch the sky following where the sound is coming from but don’t see any more lightning.

The whole rest of the day had a very dark feel to it with massive outbreaks of rain every hour, I was literally soaked through and through. The cabin has started to get damp inside now, there is not a lot I can do about it really, but am doing my best to keep the electrics and charging cables dry and at least keep a dry patch for me to sleep in.

Rowing today is again hard work as the wind begins to shift, hopefully by this evening the trade winds will have started to fill in and I will be on my way again. I have done some calculations and I think that the world record time is still achievable but would require some fantastic winds for the rest of the crossing which is possible but not likely.

Anyway, I have decided that you should never give up on a dream so I will continue to push myself and put every effort in, but I still won’t let it consume me and ruin my experience. A wise man once told me “better to reach for the stars and miss, than reach for the gutter and find it.” I want to get to the finish line knowing that I tried my best and fully deserve the title of ‘Ocean Rower’ (or ‘Dengie Warrior’ as apparently named on Facebook!! I quite like that!!) 

Into the evening and it’s still dark and gloomy, but with a smile and a ‘wave’ (see what I did there) I row out the night pushing every last mile I can, looking forward to meeting up with the new weather system.

Night night 

  1. Ben & Dors (TQ originals!) on January 31, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I’ve just binge read 20 days worth of blogging! What a journey 🤯 Your doing so well Dawny!! Keep it up

  2. Claire king on January 31, 2019 at 10:53 pm

    Wow you are an amazing woman you are. Keep going 🚣‍♂️ 👏🏻 🙌

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