Dawn Wood's

solo atlantic challenge 2019



Row Aurora is currently seeking vital sponsorship. Without the help of sponsors this campaign will not be able to reach its aims.
Any offers of corporate or individual support, including the donation of goods and services would be extremely welcome.


Sponsoring Row Aurora could benefit your company in several ways:

Brand exposure - Rowing an ocean is something unusual which always attracts media attention across the world. To date only 6 women in the world have rowed across the Atlantic solo, this will attract coverage from many news stations on an international level.
Sponsors branding and logos - Sponsors will have their logos or brand names on clothing, the boat and any literature/ posters. Branded clothing will be worn during the row and when taking part in any media events or TV interviews.
Social media - Dawn has a Facebook page Row Aurora which will be kept up to date and mention any sponsors on a regular basis.
Media campaigns – interviews and articles in local and papers, magazines,TV and radio. As this is an independent campaign and not part of a race Row Aurora will not be competing with other teams for media coverage.
Brand profile - Associating your brand with a high profile campaign supporting a worthy charity will increase the profile of your brand.
Product testing - If your company produces a product which fits our mission statement, there may be an opportunity depending on the level of sponsorship to test this product whilst at sea which in turn could be endorsed by Dawn as part of your company’s future advertising campaign.
Advertising Campaigns - Depending on the level of sponsorship there is an opportunity for Dawn to appear in future advertising campaigns for your company
Corporate events - There is also the opportunity to have Dawn attend and speak at any of your corporate events or attend after dinner speeches.

Individual or Private Sponsorship and Donations

Dawn is also looking for individuals, friends and family to support her epic record breaking attempt.

Join the 250 club and have your name as part of this ground breaking campaign:

Individual donations of £250 will be listed on this website, the Facebook page and any other social media used in this campaign. The 250 club is for private individuals, non profit organisations or community sports groups.

Your name will also be printed on the cabin of the boat, so your name will cross the Atlantic with Dawn.

Click here to get you name printed on the side of the record breaking boat.

Join the 250 Club
Know you have helped make a difference:

Any individual or private donations of any amount less than £250 are hugely appreciated, all donations add up to make this campaign happen.

Anyone donating less than £250 will see their money donated directly to our charity, where donations are named you will receive a message of thanks.