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Singing n’ Dancing

27th February 2019
Up and out by 10am this morning with all the kit I had brought back to clean and dry to go back on the boat.

Whilst down at the yacht club doing the last of the packing I had quite a few people coming over to find out about me and my strange looking little boat. People love to hear about the adventure I have just had and it makes it all more real for people to picture what I am talking about when they can see me with my boat.

The last job is to clean through the watermaker. As the pump now has sea water sitting in it, if I leave it the water will go off and damage the filter. This involves disconnecting the inlet hose so it is no longer taking water from the sea and placing the hose into a bucket of water with a treatment chemical in it. The pump is then run, cleaning it out and leaving the treatment solution inside.

As a professional mariner I am very pleased with my last couple of days work getting the boat in order. If you look after your boat she will look after you. True Blue has kept me safe for the last seven weeks, it’s only right she should now get the full spa treatment.

The afternoon brings more media coverage. I could get used to this!! I was speaking live to Dave Monk on BBC Essex. It was really great to speak to him as we did an interview back in July, so to be able to give an update about my successful crossing was great. We are making arrangements for me to go into the studio when I get back. You will all get bored of the sight and sound of me soon! 

Tonight I have been invited at the request of the Minister for Tourism to an event at the incredible Lancaster Great House. This was built in the 1600s and is breathtaking.

As we arrived we were announced by a man in period costume which was very similar to a town crier. Walking up the huge staircase was like going back in time with beautiful old paintings on the walls and stunning furniture in every room.

Going out, the grounds were lit with fairy lights and set up ready for the live music to start later in the evening. The purpose of the event was to celebrate Tourism on the island by thanking people who have contributed to the industry, including people born here, people who have moved to the island and people who visit.

I was very honoured to firstly be invited and then to receive a special mention during the speeches. This was a very special night with many important people attending, and speaking to everyone made me feel very welcome indeed. 

More TV interviews and more arrangements for the next few days – I am beginning to think I should have stayed an extra few weeks to fit it all in. This is a very special island with very special people. I will definitely be back again, but I might fly next time like most people do.

I have a bit of a reputation back home of getting up on stage whenever we are out. Tonight was no exception!!!! The band very very kindly let me join them for a song. I sang Mustang Sally, however the band had never heard it before. They were such incredible musicians that they said just start singing and we will join in. It went down a storm!! I am sure there is video evidence I can share with you when I get home.

After a great night of dancing and singing it’s off to sleep ready for another packed day of invitations to more events and meetings tomorrow. 


  1. Colin baker on March 2, 2019 at 7:01 am

    Never boring Dawn, keep all your media and events going as long as you can.

    Mustang Sally !! That is one of my favourite songs – absolutely love it – no videos of you singing it ?

    As usual …… brilliant x

  2. Nigel on March 2, 2019 at 8:22 am

    Well done. Enjoy it you have certainly earnt it.

  3. Liz Wilson on March 2, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    I enjoyed your blogs while you were at sea and I’m still enjoying them now! The repercussions of your amazing achievement are going to be long lasting and will hopefully inspire more people to care for our beautiful oceans.

  4. Kaytie James on March 2, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    Brilliant Dawn! Keep singing & spreading your joy! & enjoy you days in Barbados you deserve them! We love still reading the blogs so much better than the daily news! 😊 Luv all at Team ROK x

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