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1st March 2019
Wow the 1st of March!! It was the day after Boxing Day when I was last at home! Now it’s the first of March and I am on an incredible island feeling like a celebrity after rowing across the Atlantic Ocean for seven weeks!! It’s going to be very strange going home.

My first engagement this morning was speaking with Vic Fernandes, chairman and morning presenter at Capital Media Barbados radio.

This was a brilliant live on air interview. It was so great to be in the studio with the team who gave me my first connection to the island.

If you remember my blog from when I was on my last day rowing, I was able to connect to a radio station from 2pm until midnight. These were the first voices I had heard for seven weeks apart from a few VHF radio messages, it was a real uplifting moment. It was, of course, Capital Media and what a coincidence that I then met Vic who invited me on to the show.

After that it was on patrol with the Police Marine section. It was quite funny that the guys have an almost identical job to me, but they get to do it on a Caribbean island! I could be tempted to transfer, but don’t tell my boss!

The afternoon took us to lunch with John and Rain Chandler at Limegrove. What an incredible afternoon at an amazing restaurant. John and Rain own Lancaster house where we had been guests of the minister for tourism on Wednesday night.

Lancaster house is full of beautiful antiques as is their restaurant. There are all sorts of interesting pieces. It’s a shame we are not staying longer so we could have experienced a party night as there is also two full racks of period costumes, dresses fit for Hollywood and carnival headdresses. I can imagine this being a pretty outrageous night out.

John used to own a hotel on the island so has some incredible stories about celebrities who have stayed with him over the years, I am just reading his book on it all. We can’t thank them enough for their kind hospitality, I would recommend a visit to the restaurant if you are ever on the island, beautiful food, friendly staff and great surroundings.

With conversation and Martinis in full flow, lunch did not finish until 7pm, and it was straight out across the road to attend the 3 year anniversary party for Capital Media. I feel like a local now, attending parties where I know people.

The final stop of the day was at a pub to meet our friends Angela and Alex who had flown out especially to see me in. It was wonderful to catch up with them to swap stories. It’s been great to hear things from the other side.

Whilst I was rowing in I had no concept of what was going on or what information was getting through. Just wonderful to hear it all from the other side and see the pictures. I am not sure I will ever get to hear everyone’s experiences and put the whole picture together, but I am going to try my best and really enjoy doing it. 

Night night

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