Dawn Wood's

solo atlantic challenge 2019

DAY 4 (22)

Mid-Ocean Pollution

5th February 2019
Before I start, I forgot to mention yesterday that I saw a plastic bottle and a plastic egg box shape blue box. Today I saw a blue bottle screw top. I have logged the positions, I am just putting them in my blog to remind me what the items were.

This campaign is aimed at highlighting the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. I am simply astounded that slap bang in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there is clear evidence of the sheer scale of the problem. Not one corner of our planet is safe from the damage us humans are doing to it.

Please help by making even just one change such as, don’t buy bottled water, buy one reusable bottle and just refill it everyday. Find out if you have a local milkman, you will be supporting a local business and reducing your plastic footprint. Swap to soap bars in the bathroom, there are so many to choose from now so you will smell lovely and get rid of plastic bottles from your bathroom. There are lots of other ways to help, but these are just a few for starters. 

On to today’s adventure. I have passed half way! To celebrate I ate half a packet of Jaffa cakes!! I should have brought a miniature wine bottle or something, but Jaffa cakes were a perfect celebration meal!! 

I appear to have installed a fish pond overnight, the ocean is massive – what are fish doing out of it and in my boat? In front of my footplate is a well where I keep my buckets, it generally fills with water every time a wave washes over the boat but just needs bailing out.

So as usual this morning it was full of water, but when I inspected it there was a fish swimming round in it. Good news is he seemed fine, so I scooped him up in my bucket and replaced him back into the sea. I will still be amazed if I get across the ocean without being hit by one. 

The morning started cloudy, and as usual I got rained on, however it’s now warm enough to not really let it bother me. By mid morning the cloud cleared and I had a beautiful sunny day to row to. As the saying goes “suns out, guns out” so out came the guns (that’s arm muscles if anyone thinks it’s something rude) and I am now officially beginning work on my tan.

My trainers have given me a very strange foot tan, so I have now cut out the tongue and part of the sides so I still have the heel and toe I need to give grip in the foot plates, but more air can circulate. They are a bit like a cross between trainers and flip flops… I shall call them ‘Flipners.’ 

Still making good progress, although I really am putting everything into it. I really don’t know how I keep doing it with a smile on my face? Whilst training for this I did do quite a few 2 and 3 day sessions, but I was always pleased to get home for a shower and a stretch out at the end of it. Out here it’s day after day with no let up, but I am enjoying it. I will of course re visit this at the end! 

Well, moving into the night shift now so I’m getting my head torch and jacket ready, and of course look forward to my long break which I save for night time in my cosy cabin. 

Speak tomorrow,
Good night,

  1. Barry Smith Essex UK on February 6, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    To Dawn’s Amazing Friends:
    We would very much like to say how immensely grateful we are to everyone who have taken the trouble to send their best wishes to Dawn to encourage her in achieving her objective.
    We were a little bit anxious when she first ‘told’ us that she intended to row across the Atlantic to try to get something done about the horrendous problem of discarded plastic material in our oceans.
    We had no problems about her ‘seawomanship’ and her own ability – it was the fear of unexpected problems arising which could not have been foreseen (and she has had a few of them!!!).
    We were prepared for her lovely family to support her – we were prepared for her wonderful friends in Burnham on Crouch and elsewhere to follow her and encourage her all the way – we were prepared for her police colleagues to support her without flinching.
    What we weren’t prepared for is the following she is now getting from right across the UK and the world. We’re rapidly running out of adjectives to describe how we feel about the amazing comments you’re sending Dawn and that we are receiving, we would dearly love to respond to all of them. We are reading every comment and keeping Dawn updated with the amount of incredible posts she is receiving.
    Would you mind instead of calling you ‘Dawn’s amazing friends’, could we please call you Dawn’s extended family because this is what you are to us?
    We would like to address everyone, which includes Rotary Clubs in the UK and Barbados who are reaching out in an INTERNATIONAL HANDSHAKE to support Dawn ……YOU! are incredible, your commitment to the cause and your continuing support is overwhelming.
    Please keep it coming she still has a way to go and thank you so much for letting us know where you are located in this wonderful world of ours!!
    Go Dawny row to Barbados.
    Jaime, Sheila, Zoë, Gary and Barry

  2. Andy B on February 7, 2019 at 12:15 am

    Ah bless. Dawn – live reading your updates. Amazing. Can’t wait to celebrate your incredible achievement over a pint. Guessing it’s going to be a packed pub! X

  3. Linda Coom on February 8, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    🙂 🙂 I love the Flipner idea! I’m so sure they’d catch on and make you your fortune, unless someone nicks the idea before you get home…….hmmmm……now let’s see…….. :))
    It’s sad to hear of the plastic pollution but so glad you’re highlighting it in this truly memorable way. It’s hard to imagine but your blogs are making it real for me. I’m even ditching tea bags! Don’t laugh, they all contain plastic, so I’m guessing they’ll be contributing to the micro plastics in the ocean.
    Well done for getting half way and celebrating in style, after having scraped your bottom!
    Keep going, Dawn, you’re an inspiration! Stay safe 🙂

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