Dawn Wood's

solo atlantic challenge 2019

DAY 4 (14)

Happy and S.A.D.

24th January 2019
When I look back on this adventure this is one of the days I want to remember. I absolutely loved today, it was just brilliant. I still worked really hard rowing for a total of 12hrs, driving myself through every inch of the ocean, but I decided to ignore the mileage for today. 

The wind conditions simply do not allow me to clock up big miles and over the next couple of days I may even go backwards. But, there is nothing I can do about it so I may as well crack on and enjoy the experience. Don’t get me wrong, I am still totally gutted to see my goal of holding the world record slowly reducing in possibility, but I have put this part further down the pecking order otherwise I will miss out on enjoying this incredible achievement.

What made today so good? Well for starters I had sun and lots of it!! I reckon I have that SAD disorder you know, even when a cloud goes past my mood drops slightly!

Having sun means firstly I am able to take my blooming wet gear off and dry it out. I can also dry my trainers out – sorry I know I am a lady but these trainers are bogging!! (Bogging is my word for stink like a rotten bin bag!!!) it’s not fun putting your feet into cold wet bogging trainers every morning!

It also means fully charged batteries, which in turn means fully charged speakers and iPods. As soon as my speaker was good to go I had some of my favourite tunes on the go – the best ones included anything by Foo Fghters or P!nk.

I have made a go pro video of me singing along, looking forward to sending it to P!nk herself to see if she likes it!! Having music playing is a real boost and when the nearest person is probably over a thousand miles away I can turn it up as loud as I want!! 

The water was teaming with big bright colourful fish all following my boat along. I had company all day, you can see them quite far down too. I got some good footage of them under the boat. I had not really thought too much about what’s underneath the surface up until now. The water is such a dark blue that it’s easy to forget there is life under there. I also saw an electric blue long thin fish but don’t think I got him on film. I would tell you what they all are but Google does not work out here!

As the sun starts to set I turn the music down and choose some chill out tunes. If it were not for the fact I am using my own human power to get this boat along I would have thought I was on holiday. A really lovely end to the day.

Now I have made it sound like I have been sitting on the aft deck drinking G n’ T all day!!! This is very much not the case when it comes to the rowing, I have hauled myself every inch of today’s mileage putting in tons of grit and determination. I am feeling pretty proud of myself for yet again finding the sort of power and will needed to do this today, knowing I would have little distance to show for it. 

I have not ever thought about giving up, nor will I in the future. I am sure, however, that I will have more days when things seem overwhelming and tough. I may need some encouragement as I am only human, but one way or another I will find a solution and get to Barbados! Ohhhh, a nice cold beer right now would be amazing! Sorry got distracted thinking about Barbados.

Anyway, tomorrow is due to be another tough day, I might even have to deploy the dreaded para anchor! I will keep you posted how that goes. 

I am about to go into the night shift – I really love rowing under the stars! – but will be getting a few hours kip in before the morning to make sure I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

Look up at the stars tonight as I will be too. Reach for the stars, you never know, you might just catch one.

Signing off from a very contented boat, all be it a bit tired and aching. 
Speak tomorrow,

  1. Sarah Dempsey on January 27, 2019 at 9:56 pm

    Big hugs Dawn, love reading your blogs. Keep fighting girl xxxxx

  2. Linda Coom on January 28, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Hi Dawn, it was really nice to read this post and I hope you’re still feeling upbeat and optimistic, you’ve turned into a regular heroine for me!
    I’m onto your next post now – stay strong, stay safe! :o)

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