Dawn Wood's

solo atlantic challenge 2019


About Row Aurora's Challenge

The Route

In January 2019, Dawn Wood will be leaving Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, to row solo unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean to Barbados, a crossing of 3000 miles.This is not going to be an easy task; in fact more people have been into space or reached the summit of Mount Everest than have rowed an ocean.

Dawn is no stranger to the water being a professional Yacht master and skipper with the Essex Police Marine Unit. She has also spent the past three years working with students from China training them in preparation for their own Ocean row. But, rowing an ocean will challenge even this adventurous woman.

She is asking for your support. Will you come on board?


The Boat

Dawn will be crossing the Atlantic in a ‘Rannoch’ purpose built ocean rowing boat model R10. This is a 23ft one person rowing boat built to self-right should it capsize.

The R10 is said to be:

"The fastest and safest ocean rowing boat ever built".

This boat has already set a number of records, so is fully prepared for the task ahead. Equipment such as water maker, navigation plotter, radios, emergency safety equipment and positioning beacons will be carried on this small but perfectly formed boat.


When crossing an ocean to raise awareness for ocean pollution what better way to do it than in a boat with zero emissions!! The boat is propelled by woman power alone, all the electrical equipment on board is powered by solar panels and the boat was bought second hand to reduce the carbon footprint of the campaign.

In fact Dawn has sourced second hand equipment wherever feasible in a bid to make this as carbon neutral as possible.

Second hand does not however mean second best as everything will be tested and serviced by Rannoch adventure whose passion and expertise is second to none in the small world of ocean rowing.


Life at sea

This row is one of the toughest challenges on earth.

Raging seas, howling winds, sharks, blisters and salt rashes, sunstroke and sleep deprivation, are just some of the challenges Dawn is going to face during her crossing. When she is not on the oars she will be taking the time to eat, make water, treat the blisters and perhaps get a couple of hours sleep.

Each day will have a strict itinerary to ensure the solar panals are kept topped up and all systems are working perfectly. A break down of essential kit could be catastrophic whilst mid Atlantic.