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solo atlantic challenge 2019


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Getting back up to speed

January 18, 2019

17th January Getting some good speeds back up today, it’s a real knack to timing the oars with the waves but when I get it right I can really see the speed going up. A couple of the waves have caught me side on soaking me, which resulted in me shouting at the sky then…

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January 17, 2019

16th January I am actually moving again! What a great feeling to be on the move. I have got some work to do to make up the world record pace but it seems that I am up for the challenge!  I have had 3 or 4 small birds follow me all the way from the start.…

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It’s all a bit ‘meh!’

January 16, 2019

15th January 2019 Today has been a bit of a ‘meh’ day! By that I mean a bit middle of the road.  It was good to have the wind behind me at last, but still hard going to even get the boat above 2kts. It was all a bit overcast so the batteries don’t charge…

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Dawn goes overboard

January 15, 2019

14th January 2019 Up and on the oars at 06.30 again as usual; feeling cold and demoralised. All that hard work and I’m now further back than yesterday lunchtime.  No point feeling sorry for myself, get on with it. Hunched up and head down I begin the familiar movements legs, arms, arms legs driving the…

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Rowing through treacle

January 15, 2019

Sorry it’s been so long to blog. I feel like I have been dragging the boat through treacle the past few days. If I stop rowing I go backwards so every moment on the oars has to count. Anyway…. where were we? 12th January 2019 I left you at 3am… it didn’t get any easier.…

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A message from Queen Elizabeth

January 9, 2019

8th January 2019 It was blooming freezing by sunset yesterday! Quite a lot of cloud cover plus the waves having an annoying habit of landing on my head, equals a chilly evening. I don’t remember reading this in the holiday brochure! I was expecting a day lounging round in a bikini with an evening meal…

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Day 3 at sea

January 7, 2019

Hi from the Ocean!! Sorry it’s taken a while to write, but I have been pushing hard and getting my sea legs the last few days. Everything is twice as much work at sea!  So where were we….? 5th January – the day is here!! I managed to get a reasonable nights sleep last night.…

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Row Aurora is ready

January 4, 2019

Hi there, I hope you are enjoying the new year and have already made a start on those new year resolutions. Firstly to cut down on your single use plastics, and secondly to do something that will give you a challenge  I will carry on my story from New Years Day where I left you.…

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2019

I thought I would take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year and update you on what’s been happening. Reach for the stars everyone, make 2019 your year.  28th December 2018 I flew from Stansted Airport to Gran Canaria on the 28th of December waved off by my lovely friends Pammy and…

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The History …

June 21, 2018

I had the dream of rowing an Ocean 3 years ago when I began training with a team of students in China. I began the project teaching first aid, navigation and seamanship and by the end of the project I was taking the students out on the ocean rowing boats as a professional skipper. Four…

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