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solo atlantic challenge 2019

The Gold Cup, Barbados

A Day at the Races

2nd March 2019
Our last full day on the island, and what a day it turned out to be.

The first stop was at the model UN conference. This is an event for some incredible young people. This morning was practice and feedback for the main event, each person represented a country and spoke on their behalf.

Each speech outlined details of the country, what they are doing to tackle a global problem and a call to the other countries to join them. 

What an incredible group of young people, listening to them speak and support each other, I am sure there will be a few future political leaders in that room.

I spoke to them about my journey, not just the row itself but how hard I had worked to get there and why I have a passion for protecting our oceans. It was an honour to be able to inspire young people of Barbados and give a little back for the warm reception I have had here.

In the afternoon we were official guests of Mr John King, Minister for Sport at the Gold Cup. This is like Ascot with a Caribbean twist.

He had made a special effort to meet me on the night I rowed in to port and now I am his guest in the VIP area. Champagne and a beautiful buffet meant we were sure not to be hungry or thirsty all day. Rubbing shoulders with some very important people all day made me feel very special especially as they all wanted to meet and speak to me.

I am expecting the same treatment back in the UK of course!!! I will only attend events where I get free champagne and salmon buffet! 

I don’t know much about betting so I did not bet on any of the horses, I just enjoyed the atmosphere and sheer spectacle of the whole event. It seems that the whole island came out for what is the biggest event of the year. People from all around enjoy the carnival atmosphere. I was honoured to be there. I just keep pinching myself that this is all real.

Our flight home tomorrow is at 8pm, so we are hoping to get at least one tourist attraction in. I will let you know in tomorrow’s blog if we managed it. 

Till tomorrow,

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