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solo atlantic challenge 2019


The second fastest solo Atlantic crossing by a woman

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... but who's Dawn Foster?

A Day at the Races

The Gold Cup, Barbados

The Celebrity Life in Barbados

Interview on air at Capital Media radio
Interview on air at Capital Media radio
At Capital Media
At Capital Media
Barbados Marine Unit
With the Barbados Police Marine Unit
Ready to party
Ready to party

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Arrival in Barbados


Photos from the Atlantic

Sailing vessel Orinoco drops fresh fruit for Dawn!


Visit the SV Orinoco website to read their account of the meeting with True Blue.

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April 2019 Newsletter


The whirlwind continues!  In answer to my previous question, will it go back to normal when I get home? The answer is…

The Atlantic Diary

Crossing the Line


I have only gone and done it!!! I have rowed single handedly the entire way across the Atlantic Ocean!! Absolutely wow!!

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One Woman - One Boat - 3,000 Miles

These are my aims for Row Aurora

  • To row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean -  solo and un-supported.

  • To break the world record for the fasted time a solo female has crossed the Atlantic. Currently set at 49 days.

  • To become only the 7th woman in the world to have completed this challenge.

  • Raise £100,000 to fund the campaign to make a huge impact on ocean plastic pollution.

  • Encourage others to reduce their single use plastics

  • Collect evidence of ocean pollution to be used in essential research

  • To inspire others to challenge themselves

Row Aurora in the Media

Dawn on Sky Sports

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The Challenge

In January 2019, Dawn Wood will be leaving Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, to row solo unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean to Barbados, a crossing of 3000 miles.This row is one of the toughest challenges on earth.Raging seas, howling winds, sharks, blisters and salt rashes, sunstroke and sleep deprivation, are just some of the challenges Dawn is going to face during her crossing.



The Mission

Row Aurora's mission is to raise awareness about the problem of plastics polluting the world’s oceans and to encourage others to reduce  their single use plastics.The survival of marine wildlife is itself at threat. Every year a huge number of sea birds, fish life, whales and dolphins die from becoming entangled in plastic waste or eating so much plastic they become malnourished and die.

How can you support Row Aurora?

The 250 Club

Row Aurora are offering 250 people the chance to have their name printed on the side of Row Aurora ocean rowing boat for just £250.



Row Aurora is currently seeking vital sponsorship. Without the help of sponsors this campaign will not be able to reach its aims.



If you are unable to offer sponsorship of Row Aurora we would be grateful for any donation you may care to make.


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Messages of support for Dawn

A message from Ben Fogle to Dawn.

"Thanks Ben, I am so greatful."

WOW! So I just received this message from Ben Fogle. Thank you Ben I really appreciate this ??

Geplaatst door Row Aurora - solo female Atlantic challenge 2019 op Woensdag 23 mei 2018

A message from UB40's Ali Campbell.

"I cant thank you enough Ali!"

I was just having an hour off from Rowing and deciding what playlist to download. UB40 clearly top of the list and this happens!!!! Thank you Ali Campbell ❤️

Geplaatst door Row Aurora - solo female Atlantic challenge 2019 op Zaterdag 26 mei 2018

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